Something unforgettable

Darren’s wife, Kelly is ‘beyond proud’ of her heroic husband’s lifesaving actions

Glenrothes postman of 22 years, Darren McLeod, has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a customer while out on delivery.

Darren’s proud wife, Kelly, brought Darren’s heroic actions to our attention, when she sent us the below letter:

‘I just wanted to let someone know how proud I am of my husband. He'll not be happy at me doing this, but I feel it should be acknowledged.

‘While out on delivery, he was asked by a teenage boy to assist his dad. The gentleman had fallen from a stair ladder and was in a bad way. Darren stayed with him talking to him and asking him to stay still, while his son phoned for an ambulance.

‘However, a few moments later, the man stopped breathing and his lips started to turn blue. Darren immediately stated CPR. The paramedics arrived around 15 minutes later and Darren has since been told that between himself and the man's son, they saved his life.

‘The patient has made a good recovery after an operation, which involved fitting a device to kickstart his heart. Darren was a bit withdrawn and quiet after the incident, but was very relieved when he found out the gentleman was in the clear. The thank you card we received had us all in tears.

‘I am beyond proud of him. Your staff are so committed out in all weathers, but to save a life while out on delivery I feel is something really special, something unforgettable.’

When we asked Darren how he felt about saving the man’s life, he said: ‘I just did what anyone else would have done in that situation. I had to do all I could to help. I didn't have time to think, instinct just takes over. I'm beyond relieved that the customer is now making a great recovery.’

Former Glenrothes delivery line manager, Michael Mann, said: ‘Darren is a credit to the business and himself. I cannot praise him high enough for everything he does. Darren didn’t want a fuss made of him for what he did, he said he only did what anyone else would do in similar circumstances.’

15 Nov 2019