Place your betts

It’s been wet wet wet, but like always, you guys deliver come rain or shine

Mohammed in Birmingham, thank you for going the extra mile – we hope your shoes are dry now! And to everyone in Alfreton Delivery Office, your speedy service come rain or shine, has gone down a storm.

To ‘jolly’ Tom in Canterbury, manners maketh man – your customers love you – thanks for all your hard work, Denise in Preston, you make the world a ‘better place,’ and to everyone (but especially Joe) in Cambridge, your fitness and climbing skills are a blessing to one very happy mum of two.

Below is a selection of the latest compliments sent in by happy customers praising our service.

Denise Betts – Preston Central Delivery Office (pictured)

‘I'd missed the last mail collection where I usually post my mail. It was really important I posted it that day so it would arrive on time. I knew that collection at Royal Mail Pittman Way, Preston, was later, so I hurried there to post it a couple of miles away. But when I got there in time for the last collection, I realised in all the rush that I'd forgotten to get a stamp. l went to the reception and asked if they sold stamps, but the receptionist said they had none. I was absolutely gutted. Then Denise said she had a stamp and offered it to me for free. She refused to take any money from me and she even offered to post it for me as well. Please thank Denise. She didn't know how important it was to me to post the letter that day and how happy she made me, but most of all, for helping a complete stranger. If there were more people like Denise, the world would be a better place.’

Paul – Totton Delivery Office

Very recently, many of the people who live in Bank and Gritnam were talking about how extremely lucky we are here in our two villages to have such a truly amazing postman. Paul has, without question, been a fantastic person in our lives. He’s the sort of person who would notice something amiss at a property and make sure the neighbours of that property were aware there could be a problem. Please make sure he’s aware of how much we value him and his cheerful efficiency.’

Everyone – Alfreton Delivery Office

‘Just to say thank you for the great service you give in all weathers and extra help when needed for delivering parcels. The feedback I get from the people I send to is 'super-fast delivery' which is down to your efficient service. Grateful thanks to all concerned.’

Everyone but especially Joe – Cambridge Delivery Office

‘I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the post people who climb the stairs to our flat almost every day to deliver our mail. I have two small children, so it’s not easy to leave the flat to go down to the letterbox or the front door of the flats to collect a parcel. Joe and the other posties are so helpful in bringing them up to our flat. It really makes a big difference. Thank you!’

Mohammed Shabbir – Birmingham East Delivery Office

‘Mohammed went the extra mile to deliver my post. My road was flooding, the rain was heavy and yet, he walked to my house and completed his delivery despite the water being above his ankles. Anyone else would have stopped working.’

Tom Harding – Canterbury Delivery Office

‘Tom is a lovely postie, he is very friendly and always kind and polite. He makes you feel like you're important and takes care of your post and parcels very well. Very familiar with lots of people in the local community, lovely to see such a jolly postman. Thank you for all your hard work Tom, come rain or shine!’

14 Nov 2019