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Feeling reassured

Colleagues respond positively at our latest Town Hall events

Chief customer officer, Nick Landon and Jon Millidge hosted Town Hall events this week, at Southam and Rugby Delivery Offices respectively.

Topics covered in Rugby included the need to change, our five-year plan, employee and industrial relations, our competitors and the 2018 Agreement.

In Southam, colleagues asked Nick about the future for large parcels, improving workflow, Door to Door items and changes to start and finish times.

Speaking afterwards, Nick commented: ‘I spoke to colleagues about what’s happening in the wider market, what our competitors are doing and what it means for our strategy and where we’ll be investing.

‘Colleagues understand that Royal Mail has got to evolve to cope with the type of market that we’re going to be in the future and that we’ve got to change with it.

‘Everyone likes to grow and likes to think they’re part of a company that is investing in that change going forward and I’ve had nothing negative said about that.’

Postman Richard Rankin, who has been at Southam for 30 years, said: ‘I thought Nick was very honest and he gave detailed answers to my questions, which I hope come true.

‘I asked about the diversion of the larger parcels to other offices and whether that reduces the workload here, with a view to being concerned about the security of our jobs. I was reassured by Nick’s answer.

‘Parcels are the future of the company and I didn’t want that to be taken away from a smaller office.’

Play the video to hear more from Nick and Richard.