Claim to flame

Ron and Ivy’s tails are still wagging thanks to valiant Rugeley lifesavers, Josh and Martin

A pair of postmen have found flame at last after being hailed for saving the lives of two beloved pet dogs from a devastating house fire with their calm approach and quick thinking.

Josh Hyde and Martin Rodgers, based at Rugeley Delivery Office in Staffordshire, were reaching the end of their round when they spotted smoke coming from a nearby house and heard a cry for help.

Dashing to the scene, they found the semi-detached home – which they regularly deliver to – was well alight.

Josh, a postman for nine years, said: ‘I saw smoke coming out the chimney and thought it was unusual to have a fire because it was a really hot day. I heard Martin shout “fire!” and went running up there.

‘He was standing with the aunt of the homeowner. She’d gone to walk the dogs as the owner was at work. She opened the door and couldn’t see the dogs, but the staircase and upstairs was all on fire.’

While Martin called the fire service Josh ran to the back of the house to try and find French bulldogs, Ron and Ivy. He spotted them cowering under a cabinet and, after asking permission from the owner’s aunt, kicked down the door to let them out.

‘One of the dogs [Ron] came running towards me and I just grabbed him and pulled him out,’ said Josh.

Puppy Ivy, however, was too scared to move, despite Josh's valiant efforts. Thankfully the fire service then arrived and he was able to guide them to rescue her.

Both dogs were taken to the vets suffering from smoke inhalation, while Josh and Martin continued on their round.

Since the blaze earlier this year they’ve been hailed for saving Ron and Ivy’s life by homeowners Jennie West and Thomas Alder.

‘We’re massively grateful,’ said Jennie. ‘Sharon [Thomas’s aunt] was in such a state of panic, Josh and Martin really took control of the situation. If they hadn’t done what they did, the dogs wouldn’t have survived.’

Pictured from left: Josh, Thomas, Sharon, Jennie and Martin, with dogs Ron and Ivy.

14 Nov 2019