Celebrating our stars

Rowland Hill Fund event celebrates colleagues who have dedicated their time to the charity

As the colleague stories we published on our online channels during last week’s Rowland Hill Fund (RHF) Fundraising Week, demonstrate, the work our in-house charity does at helping our own is something we can all be proud of.

Colleagues who dedicate their time to supporting the RHF, were recognised at a celebration event earlier this year.

Ambassadors, volunteers and beneficiaries of the charity gathered for the annual summer event in London, where awards were handed out by our chief financial operating officer, Stuart Simpson.

Speaking at the event, Stuart said: ‘We are a people business and it’s our people that make us, so it’s a privilege to be here.’

Postman Micky Sutherland (pictured), from Harrow Delivery Office, took to the stage at the event to speak about the support he received after his home suffered extensive damage in a fire.

‘The Rowland Hill Fund were a massive help - I really couldn’t have asked for more,’ he said. ‘I was on my round when I got the call saying: “your house is burning down”, and at first, I thought it was a joke, but then I got about 50 other messages from our neighbours. You just never think it’s going to happen to you.’

Also speaking at the event was Darlington postwoman, Helen Stewart, who received support from the Fund as she battled breast cancer. While undergoing treatment Helen’s husband, Kevin was made redundant and the family soon started to struggle with bills.

They received an RHF grant to help cover some of their mortgage payments.

‘It took so much pressure off at such a stressful time,’ said Helen. ‘Without the RHF, we would be in a very different position right now. I would highly recommend the Fund.’

The Rowland Hill Fund offers financial help to colleagues, Royal Mail Group pensioners and their families. For more information, call the confidential helpline on: 0345 600 4586.

4 Nov 2019