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Cool charisma

Well-liked London North West LD colleague acknowledged for his contribution

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Night Manager Abid Khan nominated Stanislav Holotnak as London North West LD’s Employee of the Month for August, citing many fine attributes.

“Stanislav has a special charisma that is unique to him; he is quiet and polite and very courteous,” his citation read. “What defines Stanislav is his work ethics, he is precise in every detail. For the last few weeks he scanned inbound traffic - to obtain well above 99.5% requires you to scan and push at the same time across two belts, which is a feat on its own.”

Interestingly, Stanislav is the only person on the shift who is a permanent employee -  the rest of his team on tipping trailers are in temporary positions. “His coolness and relaxed attitude make sure the work gets done, even when faced with obstacles,” Abid continued. “Maintaining consistency in capturing all the item’s information in seconds is a phenomenal task. This also goes for other tasks asked of Stanislav, all of which he delivers with the same accuracy and diligence.”

Endorsing the nomination, Stephanie Roche (Operations Manager) agreed that Stanislav is well-liked by his colleagues and has earned great admiration from his peers and line manager. “His unique characteristics make Stanislav an asset to the team and someone that the Night Shift has come to rely upon,” the citation concluded.