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Private Life of Mail

Research programme looks at role of mail in people’s hearts, heads and homes

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Our new MAILMEN campaign is promoting MarketReach’s 18-month research programme, the Private Life of Mail.

The research brings together unprecedented insight into the role of mail in people’s homes, hearts and heads, looking into:

  • People’s homes to investigate mail’s journey and longevity in the home
  • Consumer’s hearts to discovered the emotional connections that are triggered by mail’s tactility
  • People’s heads, using the latest neuroscience techniques to discover the impact mail has on the brain

Effect of mail

Private Life of Mail found that:

  • Mail has a more powerful effect on long-term memory encoding than any other media. 32% higher than email and 72% higher than TV
  • 80% say they can remember advertising mail sent to them in the last 4 weeks
  • 60% of people say the best mail keeps brands top of mind
  • Campaigns that included mail were 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance than campaigns that didn’t.