Partnership & Matching

Partnership & Matching offers eligible colleagues a flexible and tax advantaged way to invest in Royal Mail shares.  

How it works:

  • You can invest from £1 up to £100 a month from your gross (pre-tax) pay. If you are paid weekly, you can invest up to £23.07 a week*   
  • Your investment is used to buy shares in Royal Mail plc every month, which are placed in the Royal Mail Share Incentive Plan (SIP)
  • For every five shares you buy (‘Partnership Shares’), the Company will give you one ‘Matching Share’ for free, up to a maximum of two Matching Shares per month
  • You can stop, restart or change your investment at any time, and
  • If you keep your shares for five years, you can sell them without having to pay any income tax or National Insurance Contributions (NICs).  

*The amount you invest in any tax year through Partnership & Matching cannot be more than £1,200, or if lower, 10 per cent of your gross (pre-tax) pay in any tax year.

How could you benefit? 
  1. Tax benefits: it costs you less to buy shares from your gross (pre-tax) pay i.e. before income tax and NICs are deducted, as long as you keep them for five years.
  2. You get Matching Shares for free.  
  3. Your shares will qualify for any future dividends that Royal Mail chooses to pay.  

Any investment you make in shares is a risk. Share prices can go down as well as up. You could lose your investment. Owning shares is not for everyone. Before deciding, you may want to get independent financial advice. Royal Mail and Equiniti, the scheme administrator, cannot provide this advice. 

Who is eligible?

All employees of Royal Mail Group Limited with more than 12 months’ continuous service.

How long will Partnership & Matching be in place for?   

There is no formal timeline for the Partnership & Matching Plan. We intend to run the Plan for an initial period before reviewing it. If we decide to close or alter the Plan at any time, we are required to give you at least three months’ notice.

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4 November 2019

Click here for a copy of the Partnership & Matching booklet. Please read it carefully, including the frequently asked questions and terms and conditions, before deciding if you want to apply. 

How to apply  

Log on to the Employee Share Plan portal at


If you have any questions on the application process, you can call the Employee Shares Helpline on 0800 012 12 13.