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24 August 2016

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Uniforms at the click of a button

11:04am, 24 May, 2012
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Online uniform ordering is being introduced across the regions
Uniforms at the click of a button

A new online uniform ordering system was trialled at five delivery offices in Wales – Dolgellau, Newport East, Tenby, Treorchy and Welshpool – before going live throughout the region.

The South West is next, and it'll launch region by region over the next few months.

Tenby postman Charlie Clode was the first to try the new system. He says: ‘It's very easy to use. There are pictures of every item you can order.

‘I ordered some shorts, trousers, shirts and a hat from home, which was really convenient.

‘If it's set up as a Favourites site on the computers at the delivery office, it'll be really easy for people to access it.'



Julie Brown, uniforms and print supply adviser, says: ‘The order is sent direct to our uniform supplier Dimensions, so orders are processed quickly.


‘People have the same uniform allowance as now – the system will flag it up if someone's reached their limit.

‘Most of the ordering will be carried out by the employee, so managers are freed up to focus on their core job, and staff can order new items from their allocation as and when they need them.'

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